Located between 500 and 1.100 meters a.s.l., on the wonderful ridge dividing “Casentino" from the Tiber Valley, “Fattoria Il Castellaccio” takes advantage of its special location to enhance the value of the treasures that nature and history made available.
Set in a superb landscape, the typical XVII-XVIII century farmhouses, being in the middle of central Italy’s cultural beauties, make up the “agrotouristic” potentialities of the “Fattoria”. Its Holiday accommodation, set up on a hill 650 m. high, offers hospitality – in rooms and apartments – to those looking for a relaxing rest, which can be at the same time amusing, cultured and sporting.
The vigor of the surrounding oak and chestnut woodlands is used – respecting forestry rules and traditional know how which allow soil renovation and environmental protection – to produce a variety of forestry products like firewood and timber material, including chestnut beams for the restoration of the beautiful Tuscan farmhouses.
The area’s riches in flora and fauna, provide the basis for the typical local food products, with ingredients ranging from game to mushrooms, and truffles to small fruits and chestnuts. For the latter, our trees are included into the origin area of Caprese Michelangelo chestnuts (Marroni di Caprese DOP).
The farm joins, as a founding member in the Tiber Valley, the provincial circuit of the “Route of Wines and Flavours”.



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