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* For a relaxing stay, it is possible to walk around the Fattoria in easy routes, or along the numerous trails marked by the Italian Touring Club (TCI), crossing right through our site.

* For trekking or harder walks, the same TCI trails allow suggestive routes through landcapes and nature until reaching, on foot, 8mountain-bike or horse, La Verna sanctuary or Poti mountain. Longer paths lead to Cortona and Camaldoli sanctuary. The TCI publication “Italy tour – 50 itineraries of sweet tourism” (Jan 2010) mentions the “Tiber Valley hiking network” and particularily indicates one trail crossing our area.

* Excursion may be oriented to visit the surrounding
natural protected areas. First of all, the Foreste Casentinesi National Park (La Verna, Camaldoli, Badia Prataglia, Foresta della Lama, Vallombrosa, Consuma), and many other heavens of nature less known but not less charming.

* The area’s cultural riches also mirror on how local people guard ancient traditions despite the changes brought about by modern life. An interesting day, also for young guests, may be dedicated to visiting local craftspeople, shops and factories, which traditional techniques are often still used: pottery, basket-making, furniture restoring, olive pressing, wine making, making, fabric weaving, hand production of “Toscano” cigars.

* For a deeper experience of local rural culture, nothing is better than participating, within the Fattoria or neighbouring farms, to the seasonal harvests from fields, forests and meadows. Depending on the period, blackberry (Jul-Aug), red and white currant (Jun-Jul), chestnut (Oct-Nov), damson (Oct-Nov), cherry (Jun), wild apple (Sept-Oct), wild raspberry (Jul), elderberry (Aug), wild mushrooms (Jun-Jul and Sep-Oct-Nov), wild herbs (year long), grapes (Sep-Oct), etc. (Advanced booking advisable)

* From the holiday home it is possible to reach several thermal baths and natural spa for relaxing bathing days: Terme di Fonticchio (20 mins.); Terme di Monte San Savino (30 mins.); Bagno di Romagna (45 mins.); Terme di Rapolano (60 mins.); Bagni di Petriolo (75 mins.).

* There are places for swimming in fresh water in lakes and mountain rivers (around 30 mins.); further is Lake Trasimeno (60 mins.); the nearest sea beaches are on the Adriatic sea (Rimini, Cervia, Fano, 90 mins.);

* Horse lovers will find, within 1,5 km a riding school, where it is possible to organize any horse tour exploring the privileged location along one of the most important riding trails in central Italy.


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