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Forestry sector represents the traditional resource of the Farm company.

The ongoing dynamization and investment plan continues with the supportive participation of the family’s new generations; forestry management is going through innovative processes an innovation process, from the old techniques to modern and new procedures, particularly focused on environmental sustainability.

Under Environment Management certification (ISO 14000), 10 years long forestry Management Plans for Chestnut and Oak forests, the recuperation of hectares of ancient fruit chestnut trees are some examples of our commitment to environmental protection.

Among the initiatives for the near future in this field:

-        FSC certification for the wood supply chain.

-        Investments in renewable energies (solar, wind, biomasses)

The main products of the Farm in relation to forests are:

-        firewood (oak and chestnut)

-        timber wood (chestnut)

-        beams (chestnut)


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